2022 Shoot for Seth Scholarship Winners are listed below. A TOTAL OF 40! With your sponsorships, donations, and support, we were able to help make a difference in these young peoples’ education and honor Seth as well.

We can’t do this without you!

John Callaway

Brody Anderson

Gavin Fried

James Dater

Tyler Urritia

Jackson Schaap

Sara Anna Chandler

James Major Stanford

Will Thompson

Rich Pazderski

John Kirby Murdoch

Cole Miller

Ben Coody

Joni Lucas

Alex Williams

Dawson Williams

Kyla Cook

Michael McIntosh

Wyatt Torbush

John Neely

Ansley Shultz

William Anderson

Christian Keener

Lexi McHolan

Emma Crowe

Max Cochran

Grace McClendon

Ethan Ledford

Victoria Sims

William Morrison

Sawyer Frost

Dominick Frazzitta

Chesley Paschal

Dylan Willard

Rogers Clark

Emma Garner

Key Malone

Rachel Wood

Carolyn Strickland