2023 Shoot for Seth Scholarship Winners are listed below. A TOTAL OF 51! With your sponsorships, donations, and support, we were able to help make a difference in these young peoples’ education and honor Seth as well.

We can’t do this without you!

Dakota Davis

Drew Biersmith

Colby Brown

Scott Chamberlain

Addy Christian

Zach Farese

Tyler Griner

Jack Harper

Nolan Harris

Pressley Hill

Hannah Horowitz

Destiny Hunter

Briana Lanford

Daphne Lopez

Morgan McCormick

Jackson Miller

Avery Mize

Ethan Mizell

Shawn Morgan

Braden Newsome

Amelia Potter

Reginald Ross

Cason Turner

Sarah Waldren

Hayven Tanner

Dylan Thompson

Steven Blair

Spencer Carter

Andrew Maddox

John Durden

Joseph Miller

Jessie Lewis

Summer Coleman

Addie Mae Allgood

Mason Jackson

Owen Haas

Mckenzie Bacot

Andrea Jeong

Ella Martin

Katie Bankston

Liam Franck

Mandy Langston

Henry Johnson

Caroline Allgood

Brayden Floyd

Carson Chipman

Slayton Berkner

Carter Moxley

Robert Dopson

Dylan Pitts

Kayla Smith